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National Commission for Reduction of Air Pollution has initiated an operation to reduce the city’s transportation bus emissions by 30 percent. In the framework of the operation, the Commission has replaced the diesel engines of 400 Daewoo busses, imported from Korea, with gas-diesel hybrid engines, significantly reducing toxic emissions. As of now, 120 busses from Autobus – 1 company, 80 busses from Autobus – 3 company, and 50 busses from the Electric Transportation company are having their diesel engines replaced. They tested these newly equipped busses simultaneously and some of the hybrid busses are ready to serve the public.

The hybrid bus will travel for 700-800 kilometers on a 105 liter tank. Currently the companies are refueling at a mobile fueling station, and are planning to build larger fueling bases. Afterwards, 150 diesel engines of busses from private companies are scheduled to be replaced. Diesel fuel is always partly burned in the engine causing dangerous toxins to be released in the air, and with added gas fuel, it is able to burn completely. It was determined that the new hybrid engine is economically beneficial; showing a 15 percent in savings and the engine’s
life is also prolonged.