Danzanravjaa museum

In 1937, when orders were given to destroy Khamar Monastery and all of its contents, the curator at the time, G.Tudev, secretly took action to rescue the objects of Danzanravjaa’s legacy before their destruction could take place. Books, theatrical costumes, artworks, and religious and personal items used by the Noyon Khutagt, ultimately saving 64 wooden chests-out of a total of 1500. The crates remained hidden until 1990 when, with end of socialist rule in Mongolia, Tudev’s grandson Altangerel dug up the objects and founded the Danzanravjaa Museum. The museum preserves and displays Danzanravjaa’s original artistic works and literary manuscripts, along with his books, religious items, theatrical costumes, personal possessions, and similar objects illustrating his life and work. There are over 300 poems, over 100 long and short songs, 1 volume of philosophical writings, 10 volumes of plays, other writings on various Buddist rituals or pujas both in Mongolian and Tibetian, as well as a number of drawings.