Dornogobi province

Dornogovi province’s Sainshand town is situated in south east 460 km from capital city Ulaanbaatar. Borders with China for 600 km. The Trans-Mongolian railway passes through this town. Population is about 36000 people and now  it is increasing, because of planning to build an industrial park in Sainshand. The mineral resourses are rich, such as oil, copper, fluorite, coal, uranium. Also, this is the well-known as the birthplace of 5th Noyon Hutagt Danzanravjaa (Mongolian Buddist noble saint) (1803-1856). There are many tourist attractive destinations, such as Danzanravjaa’s museum, Black mountain, which fulfill people’s wish, 35 m high Ancient stupa and the biggest power spot Shambala (mythical kingdom). It says that in  Shambala concentrated world’s energy from the underground, and from space.