Govi gurvan saikhan national park

Gobi Gurvan Saikhan means Three beauties of Gobi, which says East, West and Middle Saikhan mountains. The National park was established in 1965, located in 45 km from the Dalanzadgad city and covering an area nearly 2 million hectares. A number of rare plants and animals inhabit in the park, including elusive snow leopard, wild sheep, ibex  and wild camel and gobi bear mazaalai. There are many attractive destinations in this park, such as Yoliin Am (Vulture Gorge), Bayanzag (Flamming cliffs), Khongorin els sand dune, Khermen Tsav, Dungenee canyon. Besides its spectacular natural beauty, it contains over 200 species of birds, including Mongolian grand jay, houbara bustard, greater sand plover, horned lark, desert wheatear and desert  warbler.