Khuvsgul lake

Lake Khuvsgul is known as the “Blue Pearl of Mongolia” for its crystal clear water, through which one can see fish at depths of up to 30 metres. It is deepest lake of Mongolia with a maximum depth of 262 metres. It is 136 km long from north to south and 36 km width from west to east. It is located at an altitude of 1645 m above sea level and is frozen from January until April or May. Over 90 rivers and streams flow into Lake Khuvsgul and only one Egiin river flows from it and joins with Selenge river, which runs into Lake Baikal. It contains almost 70% of the Mongolian fresh water reserves and 0.4% of the world’s fresh water reserves. There are about 10 species of fish, such as arctic grayling, humpback whitefish, perch, burbot and lenok. The lake is surrounded by majestic mountains covered with thick pine and larch forests.