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The “13th Century Complex”

The “13th Century Complex” is located in Erdene soum of Tuv aimag, some 96 km away from the city. The park features a real time micro kingdom of the 13th century, so that travelers gain as much hands-on experience regarding the historic period possible. The are six different camp establishments that provide a unique outlook to the traditional way of living under the great empire. In the Khan’s Palace, you will learn about the statecraft of 13th century Mongolians. One of the popular experiences is dining at the Khan’s Great Palace and experiencing a feast just as Chinggis Khan’s noblemen used to enjoy. The blacksmiths and craftman’s work of the 13th century was very popular around the world. In the craftmen’s camp, you will observe the artwork of making of household utensils, women’s ornaments, jewelry, arms and tools, etc. At the Shaman’s Camp, you will learn about this ancient way of worshipping among Mongolians. At the Library Camp, you will learn about Mongolian’s literary traditions. Finally, at the Nomads’ Camp you will learn about nomadic way of life and the way of breeding livestock and the rich methods of producing dairy products. One can also enjoy seeing horse training, processing leathers and making clothes.