You can find this brand new service 9D on sixth floor of the department store. With 3D glasses and movement of the chair offers a 9D short, adventure film. Here you can see the Ulaanbaatar city’s attraction and the most popular tourist destinations of Mongolia. Also, you can wear Mongolian ethnic costume and take a... View Article

The Tumen ekh ensemble is one of the best national song and dance ensemble in Mongolia. “Tumen ehk” means the leader or vanguard of everything. It will take only 1 hour, you can enjoy Mongolian unique, attractive, colorful and wonderful performance, such as long song, folk song and dance, music, throat singing (hoomii), the shaman... View Article

Zaisan hill locates in the south of Ulaanbaatar city. Tourists like to come here to see the Ulaanbaatar city’s whole view. A memorial to the Soviet soldiers, who died in World war 2, was erected in 1971. The memorial displays the history of the war and brotherhood friendship of Mongolian and Russian people. Also, you... View Article

The museum is named after Zanabazar, who is the first proclaimed reincarnation of Taranata (Bogd), the first theocratic ruler of Mongolia. Also, Zanabazar was a talented artist, painter and sculptor. The museum has large number of artworks of Zanabazar, the most famous artworks are Green Tara and White Tara. Green Tara expresses an adult woman’s... View Article

The Bogd Khaan palace museum built in 1903. It was the residence and monastery of Mongolia’s last Bogd Khaan (religious and governmental leader), Javzan Damba Hutgat VIII. Bogd Khaan lived in this palace for 20 years and when he died (in 1924) the communist government prohibited any ongoing reincarnations. Contains religious and cultural items from... View Article

The temple has built for Choijin lama in 1908, who is younger brother of VIII Bogd Jebtsundamba. He was Tibetian, his name is Luvsanhaidav. But people call him Choijin lama. Because he was a lama with great spiritual power, with tantric method and psychic power. Recognized as state oracle, the temple was a site of... View Article

Gandan monastery largest and most significant monastery in Mongolia. There are around 5000 monks here and an important center for learning and practicing Buddha’s teachings. The Migjed Janraisig (Chenresig in Tibetan) statue stands 26.5 metres, and one of Gandan’s most interesting sights. It was built in 1911, but the original statue was destroyed by the... View Article

The museum has excellent displays on several millennia of the history of Mongolia-beginning with the primitive age, running through the Hun,Turkic and Mongol empires, the rise of Buddhism, the communist regime and ends with a colorful display of contemporary society & historical and ethnological exhibits.

The Sukhbaatar square’s name has changed to Chinggis square in 2013. Locates in the center of the Ulaanbaatar city, it surrounds Mongolian most old and most new buildings such as Government Palace, City hall, Mongolian Stock Exchange, Opera and Ballet house, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Blue Sky hotel. There are 2 statues, one... View Article