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Duut Resort

Address: "Duut"Resort&Spa, Tsenkher soum, Arkhangai aimag, Mongolia
Tel:+976-98981499, +976-99112499, +976-98881499,

Duut Resort is located 500 km from Ulaanbaatar, situated in a beautiful place of Arkhangai province Tsenkher soum. The hot spring contains simple alkaline structure of sodium of sulphuric acid with phthalic and with temperature of +86.5 degrees.  Spouting out speed is 10 liters per a second. The spa is very useful for fatique and health improvement. The inside and outside hot spa baths are made with original stones and rocks, it makes people to relax and refresh. During bathing in outside spa bath you can observe glittering stars by night. Also, people call this place “Heaven of flowers”, if you love flowers, you should visit this place in Mongolia.