Warm and welcoming, Hutong serves the best Beijing duck in town, and an inspired selection of Chinese dishes including hearty table-top-prepared hot pots, clay pot stews with the freshest of ingredients and northern-style dumplings and noodles. Private dining rooms for family meals and entertaining business associates are also available.


Something for everyone, vegans and vegetarians included, which is often hard to find in Mongolia. Customers select the ingredients that they want, then show offs cook them on a big grill with flying swords. The chefs are very skilled. Quick, delicious and interesting restaurant.


A Sekitei, the first Japanese restaurant in Ulaanbaatar established in 1998 and one of the best places to have  Japanese food. It is located on Sansar Bridge. There are several private rooms for groups and large public room. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, udon and other specials are available. It is a great restaurant with amazing food.

+976-11-458723, +976-88096468

This is a nice restaurant on the second floor of Kempinski hotel in Ulaanbaatar. The menu is quite extensive and while it does not offer specialized sushi rolls it has a wide variety of fish meat and vegetarian dishes. The ramen is underwhelming. The food is always very good and the service very friendly and... View Article


This restaurant is located near the Chojin Lama Temple Museum. Decorations are modern with a hint of Temple’s flavor. Delicious meal, nice service and wonderful atmosphere. Beautifully presented foods, with a well balanced menu. As usual , suggest to order a variety to share ; to get a taste of as many dishes as possible... View Article

+976-7703 4499

This is the first hotpot restaurant in Ulaanbaatar and still hasn`t lose its value in town. Super clean restaurant, very fresh ingredients, with a huge selection of food, good beer, and friendly company. It is one of the best places to spend an evening in UlaanBaatar.

+976-7710 0060

The restaurant is placed across E-Mart Shopping Centre. Good place to visit who looking for East European and Ukrainian cuisine. You can find solyanka, borsch, dumplings cooked in a jar etc. served with black bread and pork fat. This restaurant also has vegetarian options. Good selection of traditional dishes perfectly cooked.


Modern Nomads is one of the best chain restaurants in Ulaanbaatar covering Mongolian and International cuisine. All their restaurants are elegantly decorated and clean, staff is nice and the English menu offers some good explanations of the dishes available. This restaurant also has many vegetarian options available and lets you enjoy typical dishes in an... View Article

+976-7015 1616