Are you looking for a spectacular place, where many tourists do not go. If so, we are happy to introduce Khentii region of Mongolia, where you can experience wild natural beauty of diverse landscapes and amusing your mind. Here in Khentii province, you can find nomadic culture, historical and cultural heritage, exotic and rare flowers, birds and etc. Welcome to Chinggis Khan’s homeland.

Trip Highlights

• Explore the historical sites and birthplace of Chinggis khan, who found the Mongol Empire.
• Drive through some of the best landscapes in Khentii region.
• Explore Rashaan khad, which is the rock with petrogliphes and ancient seals.
• Drive through the legendary Khodoo aral, and its museum of Archaeological Research Center.
• Touch the culture and tradition of Buriad family.
• Witness the vast beautiful grasslands, rare flowers, fish and birds.

Trip At a Glance

(Day 1): Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. (Day 2): Depart Ulaanbaatar and Explore Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Lake, Khentii province. (Day 3): Explore the “Rashaan khad” in Binder village. (Day 4): Transfer to Dadal village, where the Chinggis (Genghis ) khan was born. (Day 5): Experience the Buriad nation’s culture and tradition. (Day 6): Transfer to Chinggis city oif Khentii province. (Day 7): Explore the “Aurug ruin” and transfer to Ulaanbaatar. (Day 8): Enjoy the modern Mongolian culture and Ulaanbaatar city tour. (Day 9): Depart Ulaanbaatar for home.


This spectacular 9 day tour takes you Mongolain east region’s untouched picturesque landscapes and is a tailor made for nature enthusiasts, flower and bird lovers, outdoor adventurers. Khentii region is the homeland of the Chinggis Khan, who is a Man of the Millenium of XXcentury. That’s why, this region is rich historical sites and picturesque mountains, pine forests, vast steppe, beautiful lakes and Kherlen, Onon rivers.

Your journey through Khentii region begins with your arrival in the capital city Ulaanbaatar. It was called “White Princess of Asia” due to the white felt gers, the Mongolian traditional dwellings, which were main houses in the city in the beginning of XX century. Ulaanbaatar is the city of incredible mix of modern trends and the ger district of traditional dwelling. Here you can see modern style buildings and newest cars next to ger district.

When you go out from bustling Ulaanbaatar city, you will enter into the wonderful calm and endless vast grassland. On the way you will explore picturesque lakes of “Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur” and , “Khangal” lake, Mongolian east region’s biggest Buddist center “Bereeven” temple and “Rashaan khad” rock, where the ancient people carved a mammoth, rhinoceros and many other seals and inscriptions. Also, you will visit Dadal villa, where the Great Khan was born and touch the Buriad family’s culture and tradition. Taste their delicious cream and bread, and traditional foods. Then you will explore the “Khuduu aral” where was the economic and political centre before 800 years ago.

Places visited

Khentii province: “Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur” lake, “Khangal” lake, “Bereeven” temple, “Rashaan khad” rock, Dadal village, “Mongol Queen Palace of Respect”, Chinggis city, Khodoo aral, “Aurug palace” ruin.


Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar city

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, is surrounded 4 sacred mountains and an economic, political and industrial center of Mongolia. And it is the central hub for trips to all the destinations within the country. You can observe the fashionable youngsters, because Ulaanbaatar is regarded as a city of young people. 33% of population is younger than 15 years, 59% below 25. You can enjoy Mongolian traditional music and dance concerts while there are also wide choice of disco, nught clubs and pubs with Western music and Mongolian hip hop and R&B. .

Start your incredible adventure trip with visit to Gandan temple, which is the center of of Buddism in Mongolia and a National Museum, where represents the history of Mongolia starting from the period when human first inhabited the territory of present day Mongolia.

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, lunch and dinner, entrance fees.

Day 2: Entering Khentii province

Depart Ulaanbaatar and drive through the vast grassland towards the huge Chinggis khan statue complex. The Monument height is 40 m and you can go up by elevator to the horse head to see surrounding panoramic view. Also, you can be the witness of Mongol boot, which has recorded as a biggest boot in Guinnes world record book. There are 2 museums of Xiongnu period and 13th century.

Arrive in “Khar Zurkhnii Khokh Nuur” lake. Temujin’s (Chinggis khan) childhood life spent near this lake and was reigned as Chinggis Khan of all Mongolia in 1189. On the top of the mountain there is an “ovoo”. Here you will have your lunch while enjoying natural beauty. On the way to the tourist camp, you can explore the Stone fence of Turkic period (VI-VIII). (Local people call it “Fireplace of Chinggis khan”)

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, entrance fees.

Day 3: Khentii province, Binder village

Today you will enjoy the sensational wild life and its natural beauty and explore many other historical sites. The beautiful “Khangal lake” was noted in historic sourse as a Chinggis khan’s horse herding land. Then you will drive towards Bereeven monastery, which was established in 1777. It was the biggest religious center of Mongolian east region. On the way you will explore the deer stones and Uglugch wall and “Rashaan khad”. Scientists say that “Uglugcg wall” is might be a fort for archers or tombs for royalty. “Rashaan khad” is a rock wiyh petrogliphes such as mammoth, rhinoceros and 400 ancient seals and moreover 60 inscriptions of Mongol, Tibet, Chinese, Khitan, Arabic and Turkish.

Then you will drive through Binder village, and explore the “Ononii Tsagaan Nuur” lake’s Ikh Khurildai Monument. In 1206 Tiger year, the nomadic people became peaceful and established their Great Empire by the great assembly at the beginning of the Onon River.

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 4: Khentii province, Dadal village

Today you will drive to Dadal province, where the Chinggis khan was born. On the way, explore the “Mongol Queen Palace of Respect” in Bayan-Adraga village. Here is the land of wise queens of Mongolain statehood history. Dondogdulam and Genenpil, last queens of Bogd Javzandamba khan of Mongolia were grew up in this land. Also, there are cemeteries of Xiongnu aristocrats. Archaeologists excavated these cemeteries and discovered new artifacts of the nomas as wares, bronze and iron tools, silk and horse equipment which can reveal nomadic foreign relationship.

Arrive in Dadal village and enjoy beautiful 3 lakes near tourist camp. The lake takes a good influence for breathing organs, articulation and nervious system.

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 5: Khentii province, Dadal village

Explore the Chinggis khan momument, which has created in 1962. According to historic sources, after birth of Temujin (Chinggis Khan), his mother drunk horse spleen soup and washed him in the saltly water, and originated the Deluu and Boldag lake. Discover the birthplace of Great Khan “Deluun Boldog” ovoo and “Hajuu Bulag” cold spring. According to historical resources, Great Khan was drinking this spring. You can taste this spring and visit to Buriad family and experience with simple nomadic life style.

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 6: Khentii province, Chinggis city

Today you will drive through the wide and broad Khokhuuriin steppe, where the young Temujin (Chinggis khan) first met with his faithful friend Boorchi. You can explore the Boorchi monument on the way, this region is famous for its Tojil style of silver craftsman. Also, in Batnorov village, you can explore the monument, which has created for memory of Chinese politician and general Lin Biao. Then you will continue to drive towards Chinggis city.

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 7: Going back to Ulaanbaatar city.

Today you will return to Ulaanbaatar city. On the way you can explore the Kherlenii Khodoo aral and “Aurug Palace” ruin. In Kherlenii Khodoo aral, Mongolian great khans Chinggis, Ogodei, Monkh and Esuntomor were reigned as a Mongolain Emperor. Also, Mongolian historic story “Secret History of Mongolia” has written here. Explore the “Khodoo aral” museum and Archaeological Research center and “Avarga Palace” ruin, where Mongolian and Japanese “New Century” joint project is making an excavation. They confirmed that the Palace was the economic and political center of the beginning of Mongol Empire and later became the core site of ancestors worshipping. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar in the evening.

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 8: Ulaanbaatar city tour
City tour: Sukhbaatar Square, the National Museum and Zaisan hill monument, Shopping. In the evening you can enjoy Mongolian national cultural concert.
Day 9: Back to your home country.

5 Star: 200 US$ per person per day
4 Star: 150 US$ per person per day
3 Star: 100 US$ per person per day 

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