We are recommending this Karakorum’s 5 day tour to our tourists, who are travelling first time to Mongolia. Karakorum is the Mongolian ancient capital city, locates in west 380 km from Ulaanbaatar city. You can enjoy the vast steppe and learn plenty of Mongolian nomad’s culture, history by this tour. Also, on the way to Karakorum, you will visit a little sand dune, which is located in the central steppe zone of Mongolia. There, you can ride a camel and can feel like you are in Gobi desert.

Trip Highlights

Visit to Orkhon Velley’s World Heritage Site, which includes Karakorum, Erdene Zuu etc,
Experience the nomadic culture, which has continued to nowadays,
Visit Erdenezuu Monastery, which is the Mongolian Buddist Center,
Discover the Ugii lake, the pearl of the steppe zone,
Enjoy the performance of the most appropriate folk masters of “Tumen ekh”,
While driving through Mongolia, you can enjoy the vast steppe, rare birds and flowers.

Trip At a Glance

(Day 1): Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. (Day 2): Depart to Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia and the crossroad of the Silk Road. (Day 3): Travel to Ugii lake from Karakorum. (Day 4): Transfer to Ulaanbaatar. (Day 5): Depart Ulaanbaatar for home.


The Karakorum city has established in 1220 in Orkhon Valley by Chinggis khaan’s decree. It has been Mongol Empire’s center of administration, trade, craft and culture, besides that Karakorum was the crossroads of the Silk road, which was connecting East And West between 1220-1260. Here you can enjoy the Orkhon Vallye’s panoramic view, where lies Karakorum’s ruin and tortoises. Then you can see the Karakorum museum, Mongolain Buddist center Erdenezuu monastery.
Then you will drive to picturesque Ugii lake, the treasure of vast steppe. On the way you will see the Turkic museum. Ugii lake has 25 km squire area, average depth is 6m. Here is convenient to have boat fishing and swimming. In 1998 Ugii lake has inscribed in Ramsar convention and you can find many rare birds here. Also, you can visit the “Ugii lake”’s information center and get the plenty of information about this region.
The next day you will be transfer to Ulaanbaatar. Here you can enjoy the “Tumen ekh” ensemble, which is one of the best national song and dance ensemble in Mongolia. It will take only 1 hour, you can enjoy Mongolian unique, attractive, colorful and wonderful performance, such as long song, folk song and dance, music, throat singing (hoomii), the shaman and mask dance, the praise song and the contortion art. Tourists like the hoomii, which could be found only in Mongolia. It is sung by utilizing two or three distinct pitches at the same time. Also, you can enjoy how two stringed Horse headed fiddle can make a rich musical sound.

Places visited

Tuv province, “Mongol Nomadic” ger camp, Bulgan province, Rashaant soum, (sand dune) Uvurkhangai province, Kharkhorin, Orkhon Valley, Erdene Zuu Monastery, Arkhangai province Ugii lake.


Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar city

14:40 Depart to Mongolia. Mongolian Airline OM 502 flight.
20:10 Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, is surrounded 4 sacred mountains and an economic, political and industrial center of Mongolia. And it is the central hub for trips to all the destinations within the country. You can observe the fashionable youngsters, because Ulaanbaatar is regarded as a city of young people. 33% of population is younger than 15 years, 59% below 25. You can enjoy Mongolian traditional music and dance concerts while there are also wide choice of disco, nught clubs and pubs with Western music and Mongolian hip hop and R&B. .

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, dinner.

Day 2: Entering Tuv, Bulgan, Uvurkhangai province

Depart Ulaanbaatar and drive through the vast steppe towards the Karakorum. On the way you will stop at the “Mongol Nomadic” tourist camp and watch the nomadic culture. Visit the nomad’s family and see their simple life style. Here you can ride a horse and tatse the distilled milk liquor. After lunch, drive to Karakorum. On the way, you will stop at the sand dune, which calls Elsen Tasarkhai. Here you can ride a camel and enjoy the picturesque gobi region. Arrive in Karakorum’s tourist camp and stay in ger, Mongolian traditional felt residence.

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, entrance fees.

Day 3: Uvurkhangai province, Arkhangai province Ugii lake

After breakfast, go to the Monument of the Mongolian Empire and enjoy the Orkhon Valley’s panoramic view. Then you will see the Karakorum museum and Erdenezuu Monastery. After lunch, drive to the Ugii lake, on the way you will see the Turkic museum. Arrive in Ugii lake’s toutrist camp, and visit Ugii lake’s information center, to get the all information about this area. Enjoy free time: Here you can fishing, boating and swimming.

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 4: Going back to Ulaanbaatar city.

Today you will return to Ulaanbaatar city. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar in the afternoon. Check in to the hotel. 18:00 Enjoy National Performance Concert of “Tumen ekh” ensemble.

What’s included: guide, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 5: Back to your home country.

08:55 Depart from Ulaanbaatar by Mongolian Airline’s flight OM 501.
13:40 Arrive in Tokyo. Thank you for participating to our tour.

5 Star: 130 US$ per person per day, 4 Star: 120 US$ per person per day, 3 Star: 110 US$ per person per day.  

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