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“Trip to Mongolian Ancient Capital : Karakorum” 4 nights 5 days

We are recommending this Karakorum’s 5 day tour to our tourists, who are travelling first time to Mongolia. Karakorum is the Mongolian ancient capital city, locates in west 380 km from Ulaanbaatar city. You can enjoy the vast steppe and learn plenty of Mongolian nomad’s culture, history by this tour. Also, on the way to... View Article


“Trip to Chinggis Khan’s homeland” 8 nights 9 days

Are you looking for a spectacular place, where many tourists do not go. If so, we are happy to introduce Khentii region of Mongolia, where you can experience wild natural beauty of diverse landscapes and amusing your mind. Here in Khentii province, you can find nomadic culture, historical and cultural heritage, exotic and rare flowers,... View Article